Monday, June 27, 2011

As I was Saying

I’m so excited to share this story with you that I’m about to bust my buttons!  Since today is “Decide to be Married” day I thought it perfect to share what happened on Saturday with you all.

Let me start at the beginning.  About 4 years ago when Millionaire Matchmaker aired while watching the first episode I had a strong feeling I was supposed to meet Patti.  Back then it wasn’t because I wanted to be matched it was because I connected with her and what she was about and wanted to work with her.  So I sent her an email.  Well that went off into cyberspace…fast forward to earlier this week.  I was at work doing what I do.  The local radio station was playing and I heard the dj announce that coming up would be an opportunity to win tickets to see Patti Stanger filming Live at Pechanga. I immediately thought I need to call in for that.  So as soon as the time was right I asked my client to give me a sec there was something I needed to do.  I picked up my cell dialed the number the dj answered and wala!  I had the tickets and instantly I knew there was a “purpose” involved, which always gets me excited.  “Tickets” meant a guest and I so as soon as I could I invited Gladys because I’m always up for “The Adventures of Gladys and Lola”. 

So we get there….the energy in the air was causing me to take in every tiny thing. I was so excited to find out what the “purpose” was going to be.  When we checked in at the entrance they took my name and then called out “radio people” which got us an immediate escort to our seats.  This then heightened my already sky high alert systems.  I just knew something big would happen tonight.  When the nice person showed us where we would be sitting, at first I was a little bummed, we were close but not in the front row.  You see I’m short and I don’t like to miss anything so this vertically challenged gal likes to be up close and personal.  I got over it quickly, as I was told where we were put was so we would have easy access to the “meet and greet” with Patti Stanger . My eyes got big and I said to Gladys “we’re meeting Patti” with a giant smile on my face.  That was Big! The next thing I know we were ushered to a special room where sure enough Patti entered.  Let me tell you people she looked amazing and her energy is wonderful. I was thrilled to meet her.  Everyone took pictures with her and we all got pumped up for her show.  That was Big.  They usher us back to our seats and we settle in for a laughing, learning, loveable night.  Patti was fabulous.  She taught she teased and tossed out gems of wisdom.

Then came my favorite part.  Patti asked the audience if there were any couples in the audience who were living together but not married.  A sweet young woman said that she and her love had been together three and a half years but were not married.  Patti got them up on stage lickity split.  She sat them up there and questioned why.  When the young man explained that it was because of financial reasons and not being able to give her the ring or wedding she deserved.  Patti explained that it was not about the type of ring but the intention behind it. As this was happening I’m feeling this excitement well up inside me and this tremendous electric energy burst from my heart all throughout my body.  The thoughts that are coming to my mind were coming so fast I wanted to yell them out.  Patti finishes her point with them and sends them back to their seats. 

As they walk past me I’m certain what I’m supposed to do.  Then in an instant Patti offers me the opportunity!  She opens up for questions.  Immediately my hand shoots up and she points to me.  I stand up and say that my question is for the gentleman that had just left the stage.  I asked him if I were to give him a ring would he get down on one knee right there and commit to the woman he loves. To, I think everyone’s delight he said yes!!!  Patti had them as well as me come up on the stage.  She asked me about the ring and I showed her a ring I’ve been wearing on my “ring” finger for many years.  The ring is just a simple but lovely bow and I explained that to me it represents that I’m a gift and when the right man comes along he could replace the ring and then I would be his gift.  I went on to say now he can give it to her and she can be his gift.

It was so amazing and exciting to see that sweet young man get down on his knee and profess his genuine and heartfelt love for her in front of everyone.  She was so glowey and beautiful and so so happy.  You see I understood the young man’s struggles with finances getting in the way of his desire to give the woman he loved what he believes she deserves.  So I will forever be grateful to Patti Stanger for offering me the opportunity to do what I was “led” to do and help the sweet gentleman offer his beloved a spontaneous and authentic show of love and commitment that I’m sure she’ll never forget. When I got back to my seat I turned to Gladys and said “now I know why we’re here.”  The whole night was Big, but that was HUGE!

So….as I was saying the other day.  We meet people every day which offer us constant opportunities to do something that has a positive effect on their lives.  Let’s keep our eyes and hearts open and jump at those opportunities. xo

PS The live taping will be airing in the new season.  So stay tuned and perhaps you'll see it for yourself :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lola meets Gladys

I wonder how often we stop to think about how we each impact other people’s lives unknowingly.  As we move about our daily do dees (lenaism for "I gotta go do dees things today") we cross paths with strangers, or even not so strangers and our response or lack of effects them either positively or negatively.  I would like to encourage all of us to make it a choice with action behind it to strive to make these impacts positive.  We never know where someone has come from, how they are feeling or what weights they might be bearing.  I was reminded of this today when I was over at my friend Gladys’ Blog. She shared the story of the day we had met.  Go on over and read it, I’ll wait here for ya.  Her Name Was Lola...She Was A Showgirl  (btw I’m Lola J) The day Gladys came to me to get her hair done I had no way of knowing that her life was not going as beautifully as she carried herself.  What I did know was that our paths cross with people all the time.  Each time offers us the opportunity to treat someone in a positive and loving way and so impact them accordingly.  I’m so grateful that I made the choice to follow what I felt led to do and treat her as if she were the friend she has become today.  The world is round and what we put out does come back to us, usually in ways that we didn’t see coming.  When I made the choice to be kind and loving to my new client I had no way of knowing that one day I would be fortunate enough to call her my friend.  What a wonderful benefit for sharing something so simple – kindness.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome and thank you for coming!!! :)

I’d like to start by saying thank you for joining me.  We are all in this journey called “Life” together and together we can make it work for all of us.  So often I observe people who feel that they are alone in what they are feeling, thinking or experiencing.  But in all honesty we are never alone.  There is always someone else who can relate to whatever our issues or trials might be.  I believe if we are open and honest and care enough to share our genuine authentic selves with each other this journey we are all on will go a little easier.  Over the many years I’ve been milling about the human race I have discovered that I’ve been blessed with a unique ability to see and feel things that others cannot.  This ability to “read” people has at some moments been a double edged sword but I have managed to master the use of the sword (I like to call truth) in a positive loving way.  I have been encouraged for many years by many different people to write, speak publicly, do a radio spot, have an advice column or even a TV show.  All of these are options I consider and look forward to investigating, but in the mean time I would like to start here with all of you.  So I will keep posting whatever comes to mind for the day, sharing stories and perspectives whilst I patiently wait for any questions you may have or topics you would like to discuss.  I’m excited about this new venture and look forward to sharing with anyone that would care to reach out.  Until next time, have a great day and remember we’re all in this together. xo