Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome and thank you for coming!!! :)

I’d like to start by saying thank you for joining me.  We are all in this journey called “Life” together and together we can make it work for all of us.  So often I observe people who feel that they are alone in what they are feeling, thinking or experiencing.  But in all honesty we are never alone.  There is always someone else who can relate to whatever our issues or trials might be.  I believe if we are open and honest and care enough to share our genuine authentic selves with each other this journey we are all on will go a little easier.  Over the many years I’ve been milling about the human race I have discovered that I’ve been blessed with a unique ability to see and feel things that others cannot.  This ability to “read” people has at some moments been a double edged sword but I have managed to master the use of the sword (I like to call truth) in a positive loving way.  I have been encouraged for many years by many different people to write, speak publicly, do a radio spot, have an advice column or even a TV show.  All of these are options I consider and look forward to investigating, but in the mean time I would like to start here with all of you.  So I will keep posting whatever comes to mind for the day, sharing stories and perspectives whilst I patiently wait for any questions you may have or topics you would like to discuss.  I’m excited about this new venture and look forward to sharing with anyone that would care to reach out.  Until next time, have a great day and remember we’re all in this together. xo


  1. Great post. So glad you have joined us here in the blogosphere.

  2. welcome to blogging! gladys sent me!

  3. Aww thanks Everyday Goddess. Happy to be here :)